Teen Martial Arts

The teenage years can be some of the most challenging but also some of the most rewarding. When properly guided through a program that teaches real world life skills, teens are able to bridge the gap from childhood to adult responsibility gracefully.

Our teen martial arts program at Kuk Sool Won™ Martial Arts Fitness in Covina provides a guided and challenging environment that focuses on the importance of health and movement, high level martial arts training, and character development. We place an emphasis on leadership and communication skills and instill our teens with the confidence to be role models to their peers and younger students. It is our goal to not only create proficient and confident Martial Artists, but to create well rounded members and leaders in the community.

Our goal oriented Teens Martial Arts program is based around an exciting belt progression system that teaches students the value of commitment and persistence. We believe that it is an honor to promote to black belt and the journey to this achievement teaches students that they are capable of accomplishing any goal they set their mind to.

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